E BOOK -Profits are Better Than Wages

The E Book that has The Keys to Living Your Dreams

Why is it so important to own your business vs. working for someone? This question is what prompted me to write this book and conduct workshops titled “Profits are Better Than Wages” starting all the way back to 2012.

The truth is many women are juggling two jobs, parenting and still left wanting more money to make ends meet.

Profits are better than wages is a guide to starting your own business, making your own profits, your own schedule and freedom to be creative.

Jim Rohn, in one of his famous quotes stated” Wages make you a living, profits make you a fortune”.

The truth is if you really want a good living, live your dream life, have lots of money, buy what you want and live the life you want, then owning a business and earning profits is the key to living your dreams.

Having a successful business is for Everyone. You are able and capable of earning more and helping more, with your product. in this book we talk about the how? 

Be Encouraged