Having Trouble Connecting with your Teen and Keeping your Cool. 

Learn the 7 Challenges that prevent parents and teens from connecting and how to fix them!

DrStem gives you the tools to finally put an end to exhausting power struggles with your teenager, sleepless night, and helps you become the parent you have always wanted to be. No more headaches. No more meltdowns. No more guilt.

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You've tried everything: Nothing works.
Something has to change. Things can’t go on like this.

Everyone knows being a parent isn’t easy, but no one told you raising teenagers would be this challenging.

No one told you that you’d spend your days yelling and screaming at your teenager half the time.

No one told that you’d spend your nights tormented by guilt and regret over how angry, stressed and out-of-control you’ve become.

No one told you that despite trying your best day in and day out, you could still end up feeling so disconnected, helpless, sad, and so completely alone as a parent.

Believe it or not, you’re not alone.

You can break the cycle.  And it's easier (and far less stressful) than you think.

Thousands of loving parents have endured the same pain and desperation you're feeling right now and found a way forward with learning how to deal with the challenges that prevent them from connecting with their teenagers.

In The 7 Challenges that Prevent Parents & Teens from Connecting You’ll learn:

  • Tangible, practical tactics to get around the most common challenges to parents and teens connecting with more peace and confidence
  • The 7 challenges that can easily prevent parents and teens from connecting and getting along
  • Simple, effective parenting tools that are easy to implement and improve respectful communication and cooperation right away
  • My favorite phrase Respond rather than React
  • The most important thing you can do right now, to help you connect more, raise respectful, resourceful, and self-disciplined teens.

Maya Angelou once said,

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.

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About Dr Stem

  • An Internationally recognized Parent-Teen Coach
  • Author and Motivational Speaker, in Schools, Conferences, Seminars & Retreats.
  • President and Founder of Global Coaching & Consulting Services, Inc
  • Parent Teen Expert with over 20 years experience
  • Podcaster Bridging The Gap – Parent Teen Empowerment podcast
  • Radio & Television Host The DrStem Show An Empowerment, Educational and Encouragement Show

DrStem is the Go To Parent Teen Expert who will help you and your teen be more, do more and connect more.


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Webinar Details:

When is it?

  • Select from several dates and times to fit your busy schedule.

Where is it?

  • The webinar is an online class, so you can watch it from anywhere from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Login details will be emailed to you after you register.

How long is it?

  • 1 Hour presentation followed by 20-30 minutes of answering your questions!

How much is it?

  • It’s FREE. Our mission is to help parents learn the knowledge, tools, and resources to become better parents.

Who is this webinar for?

  • Parents of children aged 13-21 who are tired of being stressed, arguing. struggling, screaming, losing their mind, getting angry, and simply wanting to connect more with their teenager.

What type of teens will this webinar help?

  • You will learn strategies that will help all types of teens. If your teens are doing well some of the time,  misbehaved, hyper, acting out, not listening, disobeying, or defiant  you don’t want to miss this webinar. Learn the strategies that have helped  hundreds of parents overcome the challenges that prevent them from connecting with their teens.

9 critical reasons to register for this webinar right now

  • Overcome the frustrations and stress that all parents struggle with
  • Learn how to deal with the challenges preventing you from connecting with your teen
  • Understand what other parents deal within the Q&A session
  • Learn how your actions may be encouraging bad behavior
  • Learn how you and your teen maybe pushing each other’s buttons
  • Feel inspired and motivated to improve your relationship with your teen
  • Improve your parenting skills and raise happy, successful teens
  • Get real answers for real situations
  • Use simple, easy-to-understand strategies that you can implement immediately
  • Stop stressing, being discouraged or giving up on your relationship with your teen for good

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