Attain PersonalGrowth, Fulfillment, andUnshakeable Confidence with the Ultimate Membership

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Attain PersonalGrowth, Fulfillment, andUnshakeable Confidence with the Ultimate Membership

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The MyBestLife TRIBE

— a sanctuary where your dreams take center stage. A close-knit community, live weekly coaching, and a roadmap to sculpting the life you've always craved.

Having resources that empower you to tap into your true essence, cultivating confidence in yourself both physically and mentally, reclaiming who you are, and embracing the life you're meant to live. Say goodbye to the "I'm not feeling it" mindset and take control of your daily life with MyBestLife TRIBE

This isn't just about joining a membership; it's about scripting a life that resonates with your deepest desires. It's about finding clarity in the chaos, nurturing growth, and stepping into a chapter of supreme living.

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Dive into the depths of self-discovery


Explore techniques like journaling, meditation, shadow work, and cognitive reframing to uncover your authentic self, heal past wounds, and cultivate a mindset of resilience and growth.

Meet the Heartbeat of MyBestLife TRIBE

The Compassionate Guide Leading Your Transformation Experience, Dr. Stem


Greetings and a warm welcome,

I'm Dr. Stem, also fondly known as "LIFE PLUS" for the boundless energy I bring to my mission of uplifting and transforming lives. With over 25 years of experience as a licensed psychotherapist, I've evolved into your Self-Love Coach, motivational speaker, author, and Corporate Wellness Trainer.

In this empowering fusion, I bring forth the wisdom of both self-love and self-confidence coaching, creating a unique approach that resonates with the essence of your personal growth. My commitment is to guide you through the transformative journey of embracing self-love while nurturing the unshakable confidence that propels you towards your best life

The Heart Behind My Mission...

My journey is fueled by a deep commitment to support individuals like yourself—those dedicated to personal growth, finding harmony between the demands of career and family, and navigating the intricacies of significant life transitions—I extend my support to all. I recognize the diverse challenges you face, whether it's the weight of overwhelm, the echoes of self-doubt, or the pressures imposed by societal expectations.

Call In Transformation...

After experiencing considerable success in private practice, a profound calling led me to expand my impact. I desired to create a ripple effect of transformation and empowerment, not confined to individuals in therapy but extending to organizations and communities. This prompted my transition into motivational speaking and corporate wellness training. Through my life stories, I aim to inspire, reminding everyone that challenges may be predictable, but giving up should never be an option.

How Can I Be Your Guide?

If your aim is to reclaim self-worth and cultivate peace in your relationships, my coaching programs and resources are tailored to steer you toward mental and emotional well-being. Offering practical tips, time-saving strategies, and a nurturing community, I'm here to help you harmonize your professional and personal spheres.

For those in search of reinvention and personal growth, my teachings provide guidance to embrace this new phase with confidence and purpose. Delving deep into healing past wounds and rediscovering inner strength, remember, you're not alone on this transformative journey.


Let's Redefine Your Reality, Together

I extend an invitation to join me and a community of empowered individuals as we navigate life's complexities. Together, we'll cultivate a mindset of success, self-love, and endless possibilities.

This is for the Ambitious Souls Seeking More: MyBestLife TRIBE Awaits


Are you tired of feeling confined in a life that falls short of your aspirations? Yearning for something more meaningful?


MyBestLife TRIBE

is designed for women ready to make a significant shift in their lives.

You have the power to say goodbye to the daily grind and hello to a life filled with purpose.

Join us if you're ready to conquer challenges and create lasting change.


 SMART Goals that Spark: 

Ditch wishy-washy dreams and craft crystal-clear goals in our Goal Setting Workshop. Break down those big visions into bite-sized action steps and watch your ambitions explode from "Someday" to "Done!" 

Rockstar Confidence: 

Public speaking jitters got you down? No problem! Unleash your inner powerhouse with our Confidence Building Activities. Master public speaking, embrace playful improvisation, and conquer self-doubt in role-playing scenarios. You'll own any room in no time!

Zen in the Midst of Chaos: Breathe away stress and find your inner peace with our Mindfulness and Stress Management Sessions. Discover powerful mindfulness exercises, melt away tension with relaxation techniques, and equip yourself with stress-busting coping skills to navigate life's storms with a serene smile. 

Financial Freedom Unlocked: 

Ditch money mysteries and take control of your future! Our Financial Literacy Workshops are your money mastery bootcamp. Budget like a pro with fun simulations, win the investment game with interactive decision-making exercises, and secure your future with rock-solid retirement planning strategies. Financial power is yours for the taking!

Leadership Like a Queen: Rise to the top with our Leadership Development Activities. Build your leadership toolbox with engaging workshops, conquer team-building challenges, navigate conflict like a boss with role plays, and watch your influence soar. The world needs your vision – step into your power!  

Shine Bright, Own Your Light: 

Define your unique brand with our Personal Branding Workshops. Craft a vision board that reflects your soul, nail your elevator pitch, and dominate the digital world with powerful online presence strategies. The world awaits your brilliance – let it shine!

Nourish Body & Soul: Move, breathe, and thrive! Fuel your mind and body with our Health and Wellness Challenges and meditation sessions. Discover energizing practices, embrace a healthy lifestyle, and unlock your inner peace – you deserve to glow from the inside out!

Your elevated collective space, MyBestLife TRIBE, is the remedy—propelling you from your current state to the life you envision. Let's navigate this together, expanding your mind with the potential for a life filled with purpose and lasting fulfillment.

Program Benefits:

A Radiant Transformation Awaits You


Take the first step into a radiant future with MyBestLife TRIBE, where each step is a promise of transformative outcomes:



Life Clarity

Illuminate the facets of your life seeking change, paving a path bathed in clarity and purpose.


Weekly Live Coaching 

Immerse yourself in sessions that not only ignite your inner flame but also provide unwavering support on your transformative voyage.


Empowering Community

Connect with soulful companions on a similar journey, forming a sisterhood that celebrates and elevates each other's unique path to greatness.


Moreover, you'll be embraced by the MyBestLife TRIBE, where you can:



Illuminate Goals Across Every Aspect

Whether it's defining your Life Purpose, enhancing your Business, nurturing your Social connections, deepening Love, or unleashing Creative potential.


Gain the Support of a Community

Dive into our private space anytime for answers, inspiration, and the camaraderie of like-minded individuals.


Weekly Live Coaching

Elevate your BestLife Plan with our dynamic live sessions featuring Q&A sessions, motivational boosts, and expert guidance.

Program Benefits:

A Radiant Transformation Awaits You

MyBestLife TRIBE isn't just about transformation; it's about providing the practical tools and empowering exercises you need to make lasting change.

Take the first step into a radiant future with MyBestLife TRIBE, where each step is a promise of transformative outcomes:


selectedLife Clarity: Illuminate the facets of your life seeking change, paving a path bathed in clarity and purpose.

selectedBuild connections that thrive. Discover the secrets to fostering healthy, supportive relationships with clear boundaries and effective communication strategies.

selectedWeekly Live Coaching: Immerse yourself in sessions that not only ignite your inner flame but also provide unwavering support on your transformative voyage.


Empowering Community: Connect with soulful companions on a similar journey, forming a sisterhood that celebrates and elevates each other's unique path to greatness.


Look inside. Imagine yourself radiating confidence, achieving your wildest dreams, and finally feeling fulfilled in every aspect of your life. MyBestLife TRIBE is the catalyst to make that vision a reality



Yearning to unearth your life purpose, build flourishing relationships, and leave your mark on the world? MyBestLife TRIBE ignites your passions, unlocks your inner leader, and guides you towards a life overflowing with meaning and impact.


Ditch the self-doubt and isolation. MyBestLife TRIBE forms your personalized cheering squad, a haven of like-minded souls who understand your struggles and fuel your triumphs. Feel the power of belonging, celebrate each other's victories, and witness the magic of collective transformation. 

selectedWhy MyBestLife TRIBE Stands Out:


Because, for me, it's not about comparison. It's about you.

  • No generic cookie-cutter plans here. MyBestLife TRIBE tailors a roadmap to your unique dreams and aspirations. Weekly live coaching becomes your intimate fireplace chat, a space where you receive laser-focused guidance and unleash your authentic potential.
  • Personalized Guidance: Craft your exceptional BestLife Plan with the warm embrace of community support tailored to your journey.
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Now, I want to Unveil Your BestLife Package:

For less than a latte a day, invest in the most exquisite version of you. MyBestLife TRIBE isn't a cost, it's an invitation to step into a life overflowing with abundance, passion, and a sense of purpose that fuels your every step.


Investment in Yourself

A mere $97 a month (less than $25 a week) for a priceless journey of self-discovery.

Your Toolkit

Delve into the MyBestLife Guide, sculpt your personalized BestLife Plan, engage in Weekly Live Coaching, foster connections in our Empowering Community, and explore the Bonus Online Business Blueprint.


Your Healing, Your Way

I believe in making transformation accessible.

Ever sensed the pull of unrealized possibilities, craving a life that authentically mirrors your aspirations? MyBestLife TRIBE is your gateway to transforming those aspirations into your lived reality.


It’s your Era to Say YES to MyBestLife TRIBE.

Connect with us to explore our scholarship program, opening doors for you to embark on this enriching journey without financial constraints.


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Why YOU Deserve It


In a world that often conditions us to push through silently, MyBestLife TRIBE stands as a beacon of change. It’s time to shatter those generational curses, to be seen, heard, and rewrite your narrative.

This is your moment for a seismic shift. 

 MyBestLife TRIBE empowers you to materialize the life you truly deserve.

During some of my most challenging times in life over the past two decades, Dr. Stem has been a source of encouragement and strength for me. She overflows with compassion, wisdom, and is one of the most motivated individuals I know. She motivates you to take the next step!

Janean Mullee Florida USA

Dr. Stem I accepted an offer from the new company and gave my notice to leave my current position today. Thank you for giving me the confidence and the tools to get myself to this moment.

Joanna C Boston Mass

Hello Dr. Stem, I just wanted you to know that you were a key person that inspired me to go back to school. I am graduating with my BS in Sociology and if accepted begin my MSW in Social work in January. I sincerely really asked myself what I wanted to be in life but while doing social work/case management upon meeting you I realized “Why not do what I love doing".


What I found most helpful about Dr Stem’s coaching was her ability to really see me—or maybe I should say, see the real me! I feel like she helped free the potential in me. Thank you, Dr Stem, for pushing me into my “big leap”!

Tracy M., Chicago | Registered Nurse

Dr. Stem is a blessing in disguise. Her advice was tailored to my personal needs where she was able to give me suggestions, and the resources, that have been helpful to me.

Brianna K., LA USA | Marketing & Communications Director

Every time I finish a session with Dr Stem it feels like a weight has been lifted from my mind and heart. She gets it. She is the unbiased voice of guidance who will lead you to short-term solutions, with long-term gains—I want to take her with me everywhere.

Sarar P., Houston | Author, Speaker, Therapist

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't miss out on this life-changing opportunity. Say "YES" to MyBestLife TRIBE and step into a future filled with purpose and fulfillment.

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Disclaimer: MyBestLife TRIBE is not a substitute for therapy or professional mental health services. While individual results may naturally differ, our commitment to guiding your personal transformation remains steadfast. DrStem personally vouches that MyBestLife TRIBE will act as your catalyst for positive change. If you are dealing with specific mental health concerns, we recommend seeking the guidance of a licensed mental health professional.