Teen Boys Q & A: Dealing with Love-Life, Mental Health, and More

This book was written to meet every Teen Boy’s need for answers to body changes, life changes, mental emotional health, dealing with school, parents, feelings, peers, dating and more. It covers everything from the emotional and physical changes in your body to peer pressure and how to approach dating.

Being a teenager is an exciting time. It’s a time for exploring who you are and connecting with friends. This can also be a very confusing time especially for boys, because the many questions can leave you unsure about where to go for answers. Friends might seem to know it all but leave you with more questions. On the other hand, it might seem a little awkward, or even intimidating, to approach your parents, or an adult with some of your questions.

Dr. Stem created the Helping Teens Excel: Teen Boys Q&A Book to meet you right where you are with answers to questions that commonly arise during this stage of your life. Boys tend not to share their emotions because they fear being judged.

This book is filled with common questions, insightful answers, scenarios, and opportunities for you to self-reflect.