How does someone develop the mindset, to discover the confidence and courage to overcome challenges and circumstances and let their light shine?
The answer has inspired hundreds of audiences around the world! "Challenges Are Predictable; Giving Up is Not An Option!"

Unforgettable & Vibrant keynote speaker DrStem will give your people the ability to turn change into opportunity, build a positive mindset, and rise above adversity.  

We have all recently faced unprecedented change and massive disruption. DrStem’s message delivered virtually or in person has never been more needed or relevant than it is today.

Your audience will hear a speech that goes far beyond an inspirational life story. DrStem uses her personal experiences as a framework for organizations And Individuals who want to be more adaptable, push past excuses, and become even better tomorrow than they are today!    

Are you looking to make your next event a game-changing experience?

DrStem delivers a presentation that is memorable, motivational, and transformative in the way your people will think about their challenges and opportunities.  

DrStem’s Mission

Inspiring Individuals and Organizations to Build a Winning Mindset, Transform Challenges into Personal Growth and Opportunity. 

As an Immigrant from Zimbabwe, who came to America with an I can-I will do it Attitude, which helped her overcome and get back up Against All Odds, DrStem has the innate ability to help people far outperform the level of success they believe is possible by driving them to excel both as individuals and as part of a team. His customizable presentations, relevant stories, and thought-provoking charm will keep your audience engaged, energized and ready to take their game to an elite level.

DrStem will make your next meeting, retreat, conference, motivational, transformational, and serve as a catalyst for new attitudes and actions that deliver real results. Having DrStem as your keynote speaker is an experience your audience will never forget!

What Other's Say

“DrStem personalized the presentation to meet the outcomes of our conference.  Attendees were learning about change and laughing while doing it! Her topic – Living a New Life of Confidence-Developing a healthy Self-Esteem made this by far the most popular conference we have had. DrStem made the presentation fun, insightful, inspirational and got rave reviews from our crowd!”  MC. Seventh Day Adventist Women’s Retreat Atlanta, GA 


“DrStem was, by far, one of the best speakers we’ve ever had. Our attendees were all smiles as they left and several of them actually thanked us for bringing DrStem. “She was exactly what I needed,” one woman said.” One Woman Fearless Woman Summit, Ca


“The response to your performance has been overwhelmingly positive!  Everyone truly enjoyed your Workshop! You were amazing and you helped women move closer toward LIVING THEIR PASSION!” In fact, a number of folks marked on their survey that they would love for you to come back next year!!” MB Center for Women Enterprise Boston, MA


“You were great! You listened to what our goals were for the event, and you wrote specific material just for us. You also incorporated your humor into our event and the adlibbing was right on the mark. Your program was really hit well with our attendees!” M.A.  RCAC Annual Employee Retreat, CA 


"DrStem! What can I say — YOU ARE AMAZING! Thank you so very much for the Mental Health Awareness Training you did with our leadership as well as the Stress Management training you did with our staff.  You were fabulous and you helped so many of our employees rejuvenate and take charge of their mental wellness." G.F Department of Interior Credit Union, Washington D.C


Ensure Your Event is Memorable, Engaging and One-Of-A-Kind

Are you ready to book DrStem for your next event? Contact us today and she’ll develop a customized presentation that will empower, inspire, and reinvigorate your audience.

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Creating and Delivering a Winning Presentation

Our process and how we work with you

Being an Immigrant, Working and Eventually starting my own business taught me this invaluable lesson:

To win, you must be completely and totally prepared.

I learned this is also true on center stage. If you give me the privilege of speaking at your event, I will invest the time necessary to clearly understand your organization’s objectives, so I am prepared to deliver a memorable, winning presentation.

Once you become a client:

  1. We’ll ask you to complete a pre-program questionnaire. This document will provide pertinent information about your organization that will help me add maximum value to your meeting.
  2. I will then develop a preliminary overview of my program and send it to you.
  3. We’ll get on a conference call to review the outline and get your insights
  4. Three weeks before the event, we will connect to discuss any last-minute details and answer any questions you may have.

” You were phenomenal!  Loved the way you incorporated everything we discussion during the preparation phase, you were absolutely perfect!  Your performance helped our guests relax and get excited for the weekend.  I would recommend you to anyone and everyone! “

T.H. Women Entrepreneurs (WE), MA

On-Stage Introduction

TO BE USED TO WELCOME DrStem TO YOUR EVENT                             

She has been Dubbed “Life Plus” for her ability to speak and share from the heart, her ability to inspire and encourage others to easily transform their experiences for the betterment of their career, business, and personal life.

Her name is DrStem, and she is the difference maker who helps others shift from dreamer to achiever. 

DrStem is also a prolific best-selling author, with books and eBooks that are transformative, inspiring, and empowering.

Furthermore, she conducts monthly self-care and success building workshops monthly in her Empowerment Academy to uplift and Transform Lives. 

You can be inspired by her every week by listening to her weekly Podcast on The DrStem Show available on Podcast channels.

Please join me in welcoming a recognized inspirational and motivational speaker, DrStem!

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A lavaliere microphone clips to the lapel or fits around the neck. A wireless lavaliere is preferred; however, one with a cord is satisfactory. Please make sure that the cord has sufficient length for DrStem to walk from side to side on the stage.


The person who introduces DrStem will need a separate microphone.


Please provide an elevated stage so audience members can see DrStem clearly. DrStem needs a minimum of 12 feet in stage length.


DrStem will bring her PowerPoint presentation on a USB flash drive. Please make sure that the screen is large enough for everyone in the audience to see. If you do not have rear projection, please place the screen off to the side of the stage so the projector does not block the view of the audience.


DrStem requests that the audience is seated as close to her as possible. Theater style is preferred. If DrStem is speaking following a meal, please make sure that the meal servers are not picking up dishes or pouring coffee during her presentation. This can be distracting for the audience.


If you have questions regarding DrStem’s audio-video needs or the room set-up, please contact her at: (once created [email protected])

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She has been dubbed “LIFE PLUS” because of her bountiful energy and ability to uplift and transform every audience she speaks to. 

She is a mental professional, life, career and business coach whose focus is on helping destress and develop a success and winning mindset.

After realizing tremendous success as a private practice mental health professional for over 20 years, DrStem took her talents and experience to center stage and became a motivational speaker and Corporate Trainer. Her transformational messages give organizations the ability to decrease excuses, increase results, and break through self-imposed limitations. Her remarkable life stories are powerful examples that “Challenges are Predictable; Giving Up is Not An Option.”

DrStem’s achievements include:

  • Host of the weekly Show and Podcast “The DrStem Show” an Inspirational, Motivational and Encouragement Show,” which can be seen worldwide on Youtube and every podcast platform. 
  • President, Founder and CEO of The Empowerment Academy and The empowerment Academy For Women, an online platform focused on Personal and professional Development, Success Mindset, Mindful Living and Mental Health Wellness. 
  • Founder of The Annual Bounce Back Empowerment conference
  • Prolific Author of over 30 Books Empowerment and Inspirational Books, Ebooks and Digital Programs 

Her Most Popular Books which include:

  • Unstoppable – Living a Free and Fearless life, Thriving Beyond The Tears-Bruised But Never Broken
  • Managing Stress-Simple Solutions to Start Living a Stress Less Life
  • Finding Life Balance -The Complete Guide to Managing Work and Life                                          

Her Focus is on helping her audience and readers embrace change, improve mindset, and achievelife changing  breakthroughs…..


DrStem’s Bio is not to be confused with her Intro.  DrStem's Bio is only to be used for promotional material.
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