The 7 Deep Insight Questions that create your everyday life experiences.

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The 7 Deep Insight Questions that create your everyday life experiences.

I am always reminding myself and others that “It’s not what’s happening to you that matter, it’s how you react to it! 

So, you don’t have to get to someplace in your life (being married for example) or get something (a new job, a new haircut) to feel a certain way.

You can already start today!

And you do this by paying attention to what you are thinking and also, choosing what to think! 

I truly believe that the way you think and what you think create your experience of the world.

You can start right now by answering these 7 deep insight life questions!


  1.  What is the one action you can take today that your future self will thank you for? 
    What can you do 10 minutes today that will make you feel good? 
     What are 4 things you currently have and that you absolutely want to have? 
    What is the decision that you once made and that you would make again today?
     If you could talk to yourself 2 years ago, what would you say to that 2 years ago you?
    List 3 things that make you very unique.
    What is 1 emotion you’re feeling on a daily basis and what is 1 emotion you want to feel more on a daily basis?

Share with me one or all of your answers, I always love receiving emails and awesome input:)


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