Month End- Time to Reflect and Reset

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Are You Ready?

Another month is coming to an end which means it’s time for a monthly reset! It’s honestly my favorite time of the month because I feel EXTRA organized. A monthly reset is not only good for prepping for the new month ahead but it’s also good for reflecting on the month that just happened. 

I personally like journaling for reflection. It helps me hash out some of my thoughts and feelings as well as get super duper clear on what I want (or don’t want)! 

If you are looking to improve your monthly reset you should definitely add some end-of-the-month journal prompts. It will add a layer of reflection and self-care that you need when entering into a new month.

So I thought it would be best for me to share some of my favorite month end journal prompts for your end-of-the-month reset! Before I share lets chat a little about why it is important to journal. 

Why you should journal at the end of the month 

Journaling can be a great practice in reflection. 

What went well? What could I improve on? How did I feel when “x” happened? 

If you’re like me you might journal every day and if so this will come easy to you. 

However, if you don’t really journal this is a great way to start and check in with yourself. Since you’re just writing to yourself there’s no reason to lie or sugarcoat things.

You know when your mom asks how your new job is going and deep down you really don’t like it but you don’t want to get into it with your mom so you just say, “It’s going well mom, thanks.” You don’t need to say that to your journal. You can tell your journal how you really feel. 

Journaling at the end of the month can help you plan new goals, review old goals, set monthly intentions, uncover barriers you experienced, revisit anything that made you happy or sad, and so much more! 

It takes 10 minutes to journal while doing the rest of your monthly reset and if you can finish it feeling prepared, reflective, and at peace then you should definitely do it! 

Start small 

I have been the person who creates this wildly complex routine that I can’t possibly keep up with. 

Start small and add one or two things in at a time. 

For example, if you just started a monthly reset routine try doing 10 minutes of journaling and tidying up one of your spaces. 

Keep it simple and then next month add one more thing on. 

Here are some prompts you can use:

Reflection prompts:

1 – what went well this month? 

List things that went well for you, good memories, achievements, and so on. 

2 – what challenges did I face this month?

Think of any barriers, failures, or troubles that you experienced. Also, add how you moved past them. 

3 – how did I take care of myself this month?

Focus on self-care and little things you did to bring yourself joy/care for yourself when you were down. How did it make you feel?

4 – what life lesson did I learn this month?

Try to take one thing away from the month. It could be something deep or it could be something simple like, “Never skip a weekend grocery shop.” You could even add in why it was a life lesson and explain what happened to learn it. 

5 – what is something fun that happened this month? 

Share any activities or events that happened. Or anything you would consider fun! It’s good to focus on happiness and positive memories!

6 – what did I spend my money on this month? 

Reflect on your spending habits. You may need to pull up your banking info to really dig into this. I know I was shocked to see what I spent my money on before I really started watching and my accountant does not play, she want an account of everything I do with every penny.

7 – what is something I wish I did differently?

This could be how you reacted to someone, a mistake you made, or anything at all. It can be helpful to reflect on this so if it happens again you know how you want to handle it. 

8 – who did I spend the most time with?

The people you spend time with have an impact on your mood, mindset, and overall success. Are you spending time with like-minded people? Explore that.

9 – what are my values and did I live my values?

We all have values (family, honesty, kindness, etc.). Sometimes our actions don’t match out values though. So do a quick check-in.

10 – did I take care of my body this month? How?

Tracking your healthy habits can help with this question. Did you move your body this month? What about the food you were eating? 

11 – what was my biggest accomplishment this month?

This is the time to brag about yourself!

12 – how did I step outside of my comfort zone?

That dreaded comfort zone is hard to get out of but when you do it’s definitely something to celebrate!

13 – what was my biggest failure this month?

It’s okay to mess up. It’s also really good to reflect on what happened, why it happened, and what you could do to improve if you plan on trying again. A failure could be something like messing up at work, not achieving a goal, a breakdown of a relationship, and so on. These could be big or small, it will be different for everyone.

14 – what did I do for someone else this month?

Recall a time this past month when you helped someone or did something nice for someone. How did that action make you feel?

15 – did I achieve all the goals I set for the month? Why or why not?

If you set any goals for this month, did you achieve them? Write down your progress and why you may have struggled. Write down good things too like if something was easier than expected!

16 – where did I waste the most time?

My phone is such a time waster. Try to figure out where you waste time and how you can stop it. 

Happy Journaling .....

Be Encouraged & Encouraging  

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