Monday Motivation - When life gives you Monday, dip it in glitter and sparkle all day Part 2 of 2

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Monday Motivation - When life gives you Monday, dip it in glitter and sparkle all day Part 2 of 2

It’s Monday, and to be honest I don’t know too many people who will go yeaaa it’s Monday. I hope by us beginning a new series of Monday Motivation you will find encouragement that will be helpful. we will cover part of dipping those Monday blues in glitter and yes Sparkle on 😊.

How then can you dip your Monday, blues or problems in glitter to feel better and sparkle all day?

Reach out for social support.  No matter what you are facing, you can find comfort in the knowledge that some other human being has been there, too. Whether you are dealing with financial troubles, a bad break up or recovering from a health problem--there's someone out there who understands your struggle. Connecting with such individuals can help you feel less alone. 

You can always turn to friends or family members during difficult life situations. However, don't hesitate to reach out further to religious leaders or counselors as well. You can even connect with people going through similar experiences as you on Meetups or online forums, be open as there is always help awaiting you when  you are ready.

Change your language. Most people don't think about what the words they say actually mean. I have a sister Nikki my mini me who is always reminding me that the key is How something is said or done that makes a difference. So be aware of your words and how you say things because when we are not aware of how our words have power, we can easily invite gray clouds over our life. Research shows that a single negative word generates stress-producing chemicals in the brain. Here are some words you can throw away from your vocabulary to promote positivity and hopefulness.

  • Drop "have to" for "get to" - "I get to work out in the gym today."
  • Swap "problems" for "situation" - "We have a situation that we need to discuss."
  • Trade in "mistakes" for "valuable lessons" - We all learned from your valuable lesson.
  • Change "bad" to "unwise" - "The choice I made today was unwise."

 Wishing you a Miracle Filled Monday.

Remember Miracles are everywhere.

Be Encouraged

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