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May 01, 2024

Happy New Month - May is Mental Health Awareness Month

I always feel encouraged at the start of a month. It gives me the opportunity to refresh mentally and reset my goals for the upcoming weeks ahead.

Think of it as having your bank account reloaded with funds on the first of every month. 

Our time to refocus on new goals gets replenished and we get to leave any mistakes, failures, and habits of procrastination behind. 

Don’t take that baggage with you into the next month. 

Now let’s get into the good stuff!

How do I prepare myself for a new month?


The easiest thing you can do to start the new month off right is self-reflect.

What do you need more or less of? The answer to the questions below will vary based upon your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Do you need more or less down time?
  • How disciplined were you in completing your daily priorities?
  • How often did you use a planner or a list to structure your day?
  • What distractions are hindering your productivity?
  • Did you achieve any of the goals you set?

Self-reflection helps us to be more intentional about the monthly planning process.

You must assess where you are and acknowledge the mistakes you made, so you won’t trip over the same things in the future. 

When you’re aware of your disadvantages, you can create an environment that you’ll thrive in.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Knowing how to plan for a new month isn’t as easy as it may seem.

Some people hop into a new month with no plan at all. 

They hope for the best and continue with the same poor habits that impeded on their success months before.

The environment and energy around you matters. 

Think about it. How productive are you when your workplace is toxic?

You’re not as successful as you would be in an office where you feel supported, motivated, and not bogged down with endless tasks. 

The same rule applies to your personal life. 

Refer to the list of things from your self-assessment that held you back the month prior. 

Are strenuous relationships affecting your ability to focus? Do you benefit from a healthy work/life balance? How often do you receive support from those around you?

Ask yourself these things before you plan for a new month. 

Sometimes, there are quite a few things you may need to change to yield a different outcome in the month ahead.

If you don’t enjoy working alone, find a productivity group or accountability partner that will encourage you to complete daily tasks.

New Month Planning - Journaling Prompts

1 – this month I want to do more of…

What do you like doing? Is there a habit you want to do more? Maybe spending more time with friends and family? Whatever you want to do more, write it here. 

2 – this month I want to do less of…

Same as above but the opposite. What do you want to stop doing? Smoking? Gossiping? Eating fast food? Try to make a plan on how you will do it less.

3 – what are my top 3 goals for the new month?

For each goal write down a simple plan on how you will do them. What steps are involved? 

4 – what can I do this month to make myself happy?

Think about things you can do inside the house and outside the house. Focus on all aspects of your life (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).

5 – what is something new I want to try?

Do you have a list of things you’ve always wanted to do? Maybe you can do one of them this month. A new food or new place? Want to join a club? Think of at least one new thing to try.

6 – what new habits will I implement this month?

It’s always good to be improving yourself and small habits are the way to do it. Can you think of one new habit you want to try?

7 – how do I want to feel by the end of this month?

Try to be super detailed!!

8 – how can I be more productive this month?

Looking back at the time-waster prompt above, how could you improve this month? What does being productive mean to you? It might be a little different for everyone. 

9 – what would my ideal self do this month to achieve my goals?

Your ideal self is the person you are striving to be. Your ideal self has achieved your goals and practices all the habits you want to do. So, what would your future, ideal self do?

10 – how can I create more time for relaxation and rest?

Rest is important! It’s also not just sleep. What other ways could you focus on resting and relaxing? Do you feel like you deserve rest?

11 – what would I like to learn this month?

We are always learning something and if you aren’t ask yourself why. What is something you’ve been wanting to learn more about? It could be something helpful for work or something just for fun! What book, documentary, course, or person could help you?

12 – what fun activity will I do this month?

If you’re like me you have a seasonal to-do list with fun activities! What is on yours this month?

13 – what is holding me back from being successful?

Time to get deep! What is a mental block for you? Or what is physically in your way?

14 – what are some chores I need/want to get done this month?

There is always something to do. What is on your list to get done? Is this always on your list? Why do you struggle with getting it done or why does it keep coming up for you?

15 – how will I prioritize the things that are important to me?

First, what is important to you? Is it your goals, family time, exercise, learning?? Whatever it is, make a plan for prioritizing it. To go one step further, make a plan for when you have no energy or motivation to do it and how you will work around that. 

16 – how will I care for my body and mind?

Try to list at least 3 things you can do to make sure your mental and physical health is cared for all month. 

17 – what will make my day-to-day life easier this month?

This might look like meal prepping for work, doing a Sunday reset every week, or putting a screen time limit on your phone. Think about all aspects of your day and what is challenging for you or what could be a little easier. What days do you struggle with the most and why?

18 – what will be my mantra this month?

I love a good mantra! Come up with something that speaks to you and your goals. (Great Vibes Only is mine this month)

19 – what can I do when I need to refocus?

We all lose focus and that’s okay. How can you get back on track? Is there a reset routine you do or will cleaning the house help? Figure out how you like to refocus. It might help to determine when you feel most focused and why. 

20- What do I really really want this month?

List the top 5 things you really really want this month and so shall it be.

Happy New Month!!! Be Encouraged


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