6 Ways to Spread Purpose, Resilience, and Joy

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6 Ways to Spread Purpose, Resilience, and Joy

The social isolation and suffering brought on by the pandemic have shone a light on just how much we need others and the benefit of strong communities. Empowering ourselves and each other can make people not only more resilient but also happier, healthier, and more creative.

Consider what it means to elderly people unable to easily leave their homes when neighbors bring them groceries — or what it means to the neighbors who then get a chance to share meaningful conversations that give them a new perspective on their lives.

To empower each other, people need to reflect on how they can spread purpose, resilience, and joy each day. In this blog we will look at 6 ways you can do just that. 

1. Share Your Story

Stories are  empowering, encouraging and uplifting.

Talking openly about personal struggles and triumphs takes courage, but doing so can be both liberating and empowering. It can also serve as a bridge that connects people and drives away loneliness. Learning about others’ experiences can make people feel less isolated and more hopeful.

Sharing personal stories can help people resolve feelings of shame or embarrassment associated with difficult experiences. Sometimes, simply hearing someone else express similar emotions or responses to an experience can help people remove the stigma they’ve attached to the situation. This can even empower individuals with the strength needed to overcome or confront their greatest challenges.

For example, when women started sharing stories about experiences of sexual abuse and sexual harassment, it sparked an entire movement that empowered people across the country to speak out.   

2. Listen to Other People’s Stories

Listening to others with real attention and empathy can provide them with a meaningful and affirming experience. When people feel heard, they also feel valued. Both feelings are empowering. They encourage people to contribute their ideas and express themselves openly in conversations at work, in school, and with loved ones.

Open communication tends to foster cooperative and collaborative relationships between people, allowing them to accomplish more and with less conflict. The open communication created by exhibiting good listening skills also gives people more opportunities to get feedback and brainstorm solutions to problems.

3. Embrace Positivity

Positivity and happiness go hand in hand.

Positivity significantly affects the mind and body. More than just a catchphrase, positive thinking can decrease stress, boost immunity, and increase a person’s ability to analyze. This can support creativity and give people the courage to try out new things and take risks.

When people nurture positive emotions, the body releases serotonin, which generates feelings of happiness and calm. In this state of mind, individuals typically have more energy and their brains have heightened abilities to process information.

Those who embrace positivity not only empower themselves. Their positivity frequently empowers those around them as well. Positivity breeds positivity, providing people with energy, enthusiasm, and encouragement. This can help motivate others and give them the boost they need to keep pushing forward through a trying personal experience, a challenging class, or uncertain times.

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