There are Three Types Of People In Your Life

Aug 26, 2021

jWhen you know better you do better. Did you know that: THERE ARE 3 TYPES OF PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE; WHICH ARE:-


LEAF PEOPLE.....these are people who come into your life just for a season. You can't depend on them because they are weak, they only come to take what they want but if wind comes they will go. You need to be careful of these people because they love you when things are okay. But when wind and storm comes they will leave you................

BRANCH PEOPLE......they are strong but you néed to be careful of them. They break away when life becomes tough, they can't handle too much weight. They may stay with you in some seasons but they will go when it becomes harder.

ROOT PEOPLE...... These people are very important because they don't do things to be seen. They are supportive even if you go through difficulties, they will water you and they are not moved by your position they just love you like that....

It's not all people you meet that will stay. Only the ROOT type people will stay.

It is my  hope that God raise people in your life who are just like roots. Who will be there for you all the day of your life.

if you a parent, your children are looking up to you to be that root. 

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