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"How to overcome the fear of taking risks, and go after what you really want in life"

All of us have faced difficult times and moments that bring out that one emotion the most.  That is Fear.


Fear no matter how it comes, holds you back. Fear of how we will get beyond this time, Fear of not having our normal back, Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the uknown makes it difficult to shift from where we are to where we would like to be.

Fear can cripple confidence and make it difficult to be the best version of ourself. 

In order to regain our confidence and prepare for our future we will need to adddress Fear and ways to shift from the fears to the strengths that we possesses in the inside.

It's Time To Shift From Fear To Faith is a program that was created to help conquer fear of the unkown as well as past fears.


Why Overcome Fear?

There are a whole host of reasons why dealing with fear is key to a manageable life. 

1. Fear Limits Your Full Potential

2. You Can Never Fully Run Away From Fear

3. Fear Is A Waste of Your Energy

4. Fear steals your freedom, peace, joy and happiness

5. Fear leads to procastination 

There is Power in Overcoming Fear.

1. Overcoming Fear allows one to become the best versionof themself 

2. Overcoming fears means that great otherwise unforeseen opportunities might come our way, perhaps a new job, a new relationship or a new hearing experience. 

3. Overcoming fears forces us to learn and embrace risk-taking as well as overcome other fears such as: 

  • fear of failure
  • fear of success
  • fear of commitment and more

4. Overcoming fear gives one the confidence to say "NO"

5. Overcoming fear gives one the energy and courage to make different choices in all aspects of life


  • People who experience fear, hesitation or mild anxiety around change
  • Individuals who know they deserve better, can do more and become more but are afraid to make the changes
  • Anyone longing to make a change in their life, work and business
  • Anyone wishing to develop more ways to make more money and live an abundance stress free life


In this course you will:

  •  Identify your true self, the real you
  •  Understand the power of overcoming self-doubt
  •  Learn how to stop procrastination in its tracks
  •  Learn to develop an I can do it attitude
  •  Learn how to prepare for success   
  •  Receive tools to build confidence and overcome fear

Dr Stem helped me overcome fear that was stopping me from starting a program I knew would help my community but was too fearful to do. After A few weeks of working with her I've seen my life change for the better as i finally started my simple idea which has not only changed my life financially but the lives of many other people im impacting. Im really excited about continuing to move forward with Dr Stem

 Mary Jo Mays

"Its a man's world, theres no room for women at the top, thats what I grew up fearing and believing until I met Dr Stem. After reading her book and jumping into one of her programs my mindset completely changed and now I'm attacking all my goals with confidence. I'm starting to dominate an industry many said is for men, and I'm not stopping for anything"




"How to overcome fear, take risks, and get what you want in life"



STEP 1- Finding Your True Self, or authentic self

✅ learn how to become wholeheartedly your true self so that you can find freedom and feel more confident


STEP 2 Setting a Personal Vision and Mission

✅ Learn to write a clear life vision addressing relationships, career, money, health and more so that you can shift from pause to purpose

✅ You will get clarity on how you want to achieve your vision


STEP 3-Harness the Power of Resiliency

✅ Learn how to develop a "resilient mindset and develop ways to deal with daily stress, so that you can overcome negativity and self-sabotage and achieve balance


STEP 4-Developing An “I Can Do it” Mentality

✅ Learn how to develop an I can do it mentality and get out of negativity so that you can quickly take inspired action


STEP 5-Choose to Make Choices

✅ Develop the ability to make inspired choices that will lead you to living your best life


STEP 6-Procrastination – Stop That Thief

✅ Learn how to identify the triggers that come before you procrastinate and develop a system to help you stay focused and consistent so that you will become more accountable and more productive


STEP 7-Preparing For Success

✅ learn how to stay hungry and focused on your dreams and get clarity on the steps you can take now


STEP 8- Shifting Out of the Neutral

✅ learn to let go of mental blocks that keep you in neutral so that you can shift into your future and dream life


STEP 9 Overcome Self-Doubt

✅ Overcome the fear of success and overcome self-sabotage behaviors whilst getting rid of excuses and the need of validation


STEP 10- Access the Power of the Law of Attraction

✅ learn how to attract what you really want in life so that you can achieve real success.


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