Let Your Light Shine: A Woman’s Guide to Achieving Personal and Professional Success



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How many of us want to live a life of purpose but allow fear to get in the way?
  • How often are you held hostage to your own negative thoughts?
  • How often do you self-sabotage because you lack confidence?
  • How often do you find yourself living in the shadows of other people’s expectations?
  • How often do you diminish your gifts because you don’t believe in your own capabilities?
  • How often do you limit your dreams because you feel they are out of your league? 
  • Your personal and professional life depends on your ability to live freely.
This requires that your light do more than flicker; it must shine brightly!

Self Love Is Your Birthright 

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Discover How To Embrace It

❤️ Self love is about more than bubble baths.

❤️  Self love is about learning tools to tame the negative critic in your head.

❤️ Self love is about nourishing yourself mind body and soul every damn day.

❤️ Self love is about unlocking your potential and becoming the woman you dream of being.

❤️ Self love is about no longer settling and finally feeling worthy and capable of your desires.

❤️ Self love is about boundaries, pleasure, authenticity, and making more time for your most important asset – you.

❤️ Self love is seeing your worth and charging more in your business for the value and outcome you provide your clients

❤️ Self love is feeling worthy to invest in yourself to change the stories and beliefs that are holding you back

❤️  Self love is benefiting from more options and choices open up to you


We can read all the books in the world, but true transformation occurs when we lovingly embody a new way of living and being.

I'm Ready To Love Myself!
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Nice To Meet You!

My full name is Sithembile Mahlatini aka DrStem.
Yea long name right?  My first name Sithembile means HOPE.

I love Helping Other People Excel. I was born to do this and I love love what I do, can you tell?

I am from Zimbabwe residing in the USA for over 35 years.

I help women build lasting confidence to deal with challenges that are holding them back from living an Unstoppable Free and Fearless Life being the best version of themselves. 

I provide individual and group coaching (life, career , business) conduct (self-care Success workshops, seminars, books, eBooks)  and also provide self -paced  empowering, life enhancing digital courses.

My goal is to help you:

Feel more relaxed
Get new ideas and insights
Boost your confidence
Boost your career
Boost your business
Be more optimistic
Breakthrough any limiting beliefs
Make yes your own Dreams become a Reality
Learn to set boundaries
Receive whole hearted support during life transitions

My Motto is YOLO (You Only Live Once) Make it Your Best Life.

I have worked with men and women who were struggling with challenges like: self-care, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-sabotage, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, needing clarity, starting an online business, changing jobs and more.



Autographed Copy US Residence Only $27
International Residents Only $27
Instant Download To Your Device $17