Be You. Be Free

How to Be Happy & Have the Life You want: Tools For Success

The Be You. Be Free course in the Get Clarity series is designed to help you feel more confident being you. If you struggle to go after what you want or have a hard time standing up for yourself, this course will nurture that spark within you, growing it into a flame that fuels you past fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

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Let me tell you...

Many of us have been telling ourselves stories about who we are based on how others perceived us throughout our life. A teacher, older sibling, playmate, boss, or neighbor may have said or done something that defined how we see ourselves. Maybe you’ve even forgotten what it feels or looks like to just BE yourself. But the real you IS still there. You can access it.


The story we tell ourselves hold us back from living the fullest version of ourselves – the life we want, the unique, powerful, creative, smart, strong, successful and accomplished version of you.

So, what do you do?

If you are ready to find your inner confidence, this course will help you identify your self-defeating patterns and give you the tools needed to grow your confidence. Learn to break through fears, barriers and negative self-talk impacting your self-esteem.

What you'll learn

Understand the different types of confidence

Recognize your fears, self-defeating patterns, and barriers

Learn how to remove barriers and tame negative self-talk

Find your power and begin living life to the fullest

Who is this course for?

  • For those needing to get out their Comfort Zone
  • Anyone looking to learn how to be happy and fulfilled
  • Anyone looking to make progress in their lives to live a life with more meaning
  • For those who are off track with their goals in life
  • For those who desperately need to find a new sense of direction: e.g., recently retired, recently graduated, experiencing career transition, mid-life crisis, recent divorcee, empty nester
  • For those who are at a place where they want to have more meaningful personal and professional relationships
  • For those who have become disengaged in their work and relationships,
  • For those who are looking to find new ways to be happy, content and peaceful
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What Others Have Said...


"Very helpful step by step information regarding "Happiness" and the myriad of things, such as, the news some of the people we may choose to be around and sometimes our way of thinking negatively can alter your "Happiness." Excellent! and down to earth program/course on happiness."

Lauren M.

"This course had very useful information in it to help maintain a positive outlook on life. This would be an excellent beginning course for those who are looking to make immediate changes in their life in order to become happier individuals."


"She gets right to the point, and makes full sense of everything she says." 


"Awesome course! Great suggestions and techniques to achieve happiness immediately and continually. Very uplifting! I will definitely check out her YouTube channel!" 

Be You. Be Free- Tools for success



  • 8 On-Demand Audio & Video Modules
  • 4+ Hours of Content
  • Downloadable Workbook
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As a supplement to this On-Demand program, you have the option to book two (2) one-on-one coaching sessions with one of our certified coaches. Coaching can be added to your On-Demand purchase now or can be purchased later once you've started the program.

Your Empowerment Coach will answer questions, help you integrate the lessons into everyday life, and enhance your learning experience.
PRICE $497.00 (normally $350 each)

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If you’re ready to connect and communicate more assertively, taking confident steps towards a more meaningful life, this course was designed for you. Let us help you become more assertive and fulfilled in what brings you more joy!
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It's time to Become More Assertive, Stand Up for Yourself and What You Need!

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Be You. Be Free- Tools for success



  • 8 On-Demand Audio & Video Modules
  • 4+ Hours of Content
  • Downloadable Workbook
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