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Overcoming past pain, shame, self-doubt and rebuilding the courage to be yourself

Learn the simple but powerful ways to Rebuilding Your Inner Strength and Courage

Life often brings events or situations that leave us feeling empty and broken.


Giving ourselves permission to learn how to move past the brokenness and experience the joy of living again is the biggest hurdle.


Even though for many finding and creating the confidence you need to live on won’t be easy, the feeling of having the power to live your life your way is priceless. 


You deserve the best!!!


Our brokenness unfortunately affects mostly  our Self-esteem, self-confidence and assertiveness, the two skills that are crucial for success in life.


Communicating with others, can be very challenging when one is not feeling worthy.


Confidence opens doors you never thought possible both in your personal and professional life. 


I am excited to bring you this Confidence Building Program based on my memoir "Thriving Beyond The Tears, Bruised But Never Broken". In this course I also share my own journey struggles and what worked for me along the way. 
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My name is Dr. Stem (Sithembile) Mahlatini.

Some have coined me "the clarity coach" and many remember me as inspiring, motivating and encouraging others to get clear  and follow their dreams.  

My passion is to help others excel in life, relationships, work and business.

I help women Unmask the Greatness Within.

After 23 years in private practice empowering women, business owners and self starters, parents, teens, families and individuals as a mental health professional and Coach, I’ve seen and heard a lot of problems and pain that has affected many lives.

Life has it’s many challenges that can cripple us everyday.

I have also had the joy of seeing all my clients leave with a sense of relief and clarity.

My Story
I was Born and raised in Zimbabwe, the first born of seven children. Being the first born has its toll, and expectations which were the fuel behind my go getter, driven nature. I constantly was told “ you are the leader, do well and all your siblings will do well. “ I always felt like the weight of the world was on me and I had to do well in everything so that I could be an example to my siblings.

Thriving Beyond The Tears is My Story, Your Story, Our Story, My Memoir

What a heavy burden that is for a young girl let alone any adult, to feel responsible for the demise of six other individual personalities and lives. My father’s choice to marry two other wives after my mother brought so much turmoil and it’s own struggles, I had to leave Zimbabwe for the USA in 1985. The struggles and lessons is what prompted me to write the best seller book and create this self paced training to share with you how to overcome your own struggles and inner pain, and build the confidence to live your life freely.

Here is what others are saying about the Training

“As confident as I thought I was, I never thought this program was for me. I am a professional who got stuck and reached out to Dr Stem who shared this program with me. It was amazing how much I needed to self reflect and regroup. The additional coaching sessions were even more helpful to help me put all I learned into action. I highly recommend the program”

JoLo Loflack

I never Knew how much I would gain from Dr Stem Coaching. Now I say “My favorite coach is Dr Stem”. She brings years of counseling and coaching experience. I've read some of her other books, bought her online programs and participated in her in person workshops , as well as a couple of one-on-one sessions, and she has a great balance of listening and sharing her own perspective and experience.

Karen Keys Boston MA 

“I have more confidence since I took this course. It is easy to follow and a great help in my life.”


Claire Freeman

The program has 8 life changing modules

  • As a Guide to understanding how your story shapes who you are
  • As a Guide To Understanding Forgiveness 
  • As a Guide to help you  see what positive qualities you possess
  • As a Guide to help become open to change and possibilities
  • As a Guide you to help you reflect on the social and family messages that have shaped your values and beliefs 
  • As a GUide to Inspire you to build lasting self confidence 
  • As a guide to help you  develop a life plan that will help you thrive beyond your tears, fears and pain
  • As a guide to help you recognize your strengths and become the best version of you whilst you go after your heart desires

Here is what you get inside

  • Thriving Beyond The Tears: Confidence Building Program comprehensive workbook with tips and Questions Covering all 8  modules plus bonus tips
         Audio files 


         Video files


         PDF Files 
Additional tips to enhance yourself in each module
             THE COURSE


 ✅ MODULE 1-The Power of your story   ✅ MODULE 2- Being You and Being Kind to Yourself

  MODULE 3 - The Power of Letting Go and Forgiveness   MODULE 4 -How to Become Open to change

 MODULE 5 - Discovering and Embracing Your Positive Qualities   MODULE 6- The impact of Social Environment and Messages

 MODULE 7 - How Family Messages Can Elevate or Deter You     MODULE 8- Personal Action Plan

 BONUS CONCLUSION: Beyond the Tears and Fears   FREE BONUS 1 - 10 Success Tips eBOOK 

 FREE BONUS 2 - My Memoir "Thriving Beyond the Tears" eBook Download

As a BONUS You also get:

FREE BONUS eBook-10 Keys to Success - Living an Unstoppable Joyful Life


FREE BONUS eBook-Thriving  Beyond The Tears


FREE ATTENDANCE-In Our Monthly Empowerment Group Coaching 

You can get all of this for a one time payment of $297
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content and the product, reach out to me and I will fully refund
you the money you paid for the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will have instant access to all six modules he moment you purchase the program.

The whole program goes for just over 6 hours, but it's best to set aside an hour for each module to get the most out each section, especially the discussion and yes Homework (reflection) at the end of section. 

Yes! Once you purchase the program, you have full access to the program. You may watch and download at any time.

It is yours to keep once you download it on your computer, pad or phone 


Get instant access to "Thriving Beyond Your Tears And brokenness" Program Today

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