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A question for you..


What if you could unlock your inner confidence, tap into life’s abundance and bring the best version of yourself to whatever you desire starting in just 30 days?


Perhaps I should rephrase this....

How about working with you to gain

☑️ Greater confidence and self-belief.

☑️Get Clarity to experience freedom from self-doubt and negative thoughts about yourself.

☑️Experience more fearlessness and less anxiety.

☑️Gain Greater confidence to make you more willing to take smart risks, and able to move outside of your comfort zone, having greater freedom from any limiting beliefs and anxieties.

If this is you, then keep reading

Here is the issue...

You know that to achieve healthy lasting confidence you need to eat, breathe, believe and embody the core values unapologetically. However, if you are still second guessing yourself and struggling with:

  • Not having a flexible schedule
  • Not getting paid enough money
  • Not able to get a promotion,
  • Inability to have a voice or input at work
  • Mental and physical exhaustion
  • Not enough time or flexibility to have a social life,
  • No time and money for a vacation to enjoy and have fun with doing what you love
  • Feeling unrewarded with your work

Imagine this....


It is the morning of October 29th, 2022!

You reflect on what the past year has been. You have a broad smile that cannot be wiped away.

You turn on your laptop to check your email and you see all the payments that came through when you slept.

You get on your 9am call and your team fills you in on last weeks event. You are reminded about your clients who are eagerly waiting to eat up what you have to offer.

Sister@ Life is good!

⚡️You have gone through massive shifts and your confidence level is soaring. 

⚡️You sleep better, laugh and enjoy each day more

⚡️Written your long-awaited book

⚡️Now apply for higher better paying positions and get it

⚡️Started your own empire

 ⚡️Transformed your current business and started earning more


The Empowerment Academy Membership

A Step by step platform designed for women to accelerate their rise professionally and personally.


We create the picture of who you are

Any change you want in life starts with awareness. We guide you through a masterful introspection process that uncovers your strengths, gifts, and life purpose. You’ll reacquaint yourself with the woman you’ve lost while demolishing harmful mindsets. You’ll see yourself for who you are and know you’re worthy of what you desire.

We dismantle societal norms

We’re obsessed with closing the gender pay gap. We believe women should be paid what they deserve. Society has taught us to shrink, be quiet and play small, and we’re here to say: No More. Instead, you’ll step boldly into your purpose and break down the limiting beliefs keeping you small. You’ll own your strengths and experiences and celebrate your incredible self.

We prime you for success and living a courageous lifestyle

We combine individualized feedback and coaching with the support of a group environment to set you up for success from Day One. Leveraging the experiences, expertise, and advice from your peers, in addition to strategy and coaching from a mentor, will help you achieve your goals faster than 1:1 coaching or online group programs alone. We’re all on this journey together, and together, we rise.

You also get access to the following:


  • Monthly self-care and success building workshops
  • Monthly members only group coaching
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Weekly relevant podcast
  • Discounted one on one coaching
  • Empowerment webinars and programs each month
  • Exclusive online resources

What makes The Empowerment Academy Membership different?

As a woman I have lived and experienced every challenge and skill that we teach in the academy. I have worked with hundreds of women throughout the years individually and in groups where I also was able to test the programs in the academy and hear how they worked for them. 

Being both a licensed therapist and coach for over 20 years I also have learned that very often, the biggest barrier standing in the way of our success is US.
So helping women with ways to easily get out of their own way and build the lives, careers and businesses they are capable of creating is my mission and passion. I know there is more than enough room for every one of to create a business that will be helpful to another, I know with enough confidence, support and at times challenge, every woman can do it. That’s what’s unique about experiencing this platform with me and my team. We serve from the heart and our goal is to see each and every member leading a Happy, Wealthy, Free and Fearless Life.

Take a sneak peak at some of the courses lined up for you

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From the creator's desk



I'm DrStem and I will be helping you on this journey.

Here is more about me.....

I am Dr Stem Sithembile (Life Plus) Mahlatini, A Licensed Psychotherapist, inspiring Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Author. Her passion is Empowering Others through her work as a Motivational Speaker, Author, Coach, Personal and Professional Development Trainer, and Workshop Facilitator. I am also a mindset and confidence coach for women. 

I invite you to look at our programs in the empowerment academy for women.


Because there is no force more powerful than women determined to rise.

The Empowerment Academy Membership will help inspire and accelerate that rise.

As women we are the true architects of our society, We are the ones who have the power to create, nurture and transform. 

So how come women need empowerment? 

Actually, what we need as women is a little push that can make us realize our true potential and power. That’s where The Empowerment Academy comes in.

Our programs aim at making every young and mature woman, confident, powerful beyond measure and fearless of all fears.

We want to free every girl and woman of fears that family and society binds them to.

I know that you too have the power to create, nurture and transform. We are here to help you realize how important you are and how much of an impact you have.  

Our programs, self-care, success building workshops and coaching sessions are aimed at motivating women to break through and be whatever they want to be. Because we believe that if women exercise their true powers, they can remake the world.

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I know you are asking questions

Check out these and if you still have any questions, email Dr Stem here: [email protected]


Still Unsure if The Empowerment Academy is for you?

This program is for women who meet the following criteria:

🔶You need to get out of your Comfort Zone
🟠 You are looking to learn how to be happy and fulfilled
🟠You want to make progress in your life to live a life with more meaning
🟠You are off track with meeting goals in life
🟠You desperately need to find a new sense of direction: Maybe you recently retired or graduated, experiencing a career transition, mid-life crisis, recent divorcee or an empty nester.
🟠You are at a place where you want to have more meaningful personal and professional relationships
🟠You have become disengaged in your work and relationships,
🟠You are looking to find new ways to be happy, content and peaceful
🟠You are off track with your goals in life
🟠You want to create your ideal, life, career and business
🟠You are looking to find work-life balance
🟠You have big dreams but aren't sure how to put them into action
🟠You are feeling stuck or confused about your direction in life
🟠You want to make the most of your life (and this year)
🟠You feel that fear and self-doubt holds you back from making big decisions
🟠You crave a greater sense of personal meaning and purpose
🟠You no longer want to live by a checklist of "shoulds"
🟠You know you have something to offer the world but don't know how to tap in
🟠You want a bigger, brighter, more fulfilling life
🟠You set new years resolutions but have trouble following through
🟠You want to take action and make real, lasting change in your life

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  • Monthly members-only group coaching -Value $550
  • Full Access to Private Facebook Group- Value $250
  • Full access to discounted one on one coaching- Value $6,500
  • Access to a new empowerment webinar monthly- Value $147
  • Exclusive online resources- Value $997
  • Access to personal and professional development, success and business building ebooks, digital videos, and audio courses- Value $997
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