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Becoming Unstoppable, Free and Fearless Program

Express Love, Kindness, and Compassion to Yourself and Become Unstoppable.

An opportunity to practice daily what you easily offer to others on yourself 

Being who you really are is the most courageous thing you can do in your life, and the most self-loving.


Time to Believe in this unique and deserving you, that you are.


Explore any blocks and elevate from where you are to where you want to be.


Reclaim Your Courage & Self-Confidence!!!


Find answers to "What Really Matters".


Know Yourself, What Drives You, What Motivates You, and How You Want To Show Up in This One Life You Have.


Know what Skills, Gifts, Talents You Possess and What New Ones That You need to Learn and Elevate Your Worth. 


I am excited to bring you this Ultimate Life Changing Program so You can Finally Become Unstoppable, Free and Fearless, create and live your best life in ultimate, Joy and Peace.
Get instant access to "Becoming Unstoppable, Free and Fearless" eCourse Program Today

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My name is Dr. Stem (Sithembile) Mahlatini.

I’m the clarity coach and I’m known for inspiring people to clarify their dreams, say a courageous yes to life’s adventures, and say a confident yes to being at the lead of their lives…

I am an author and co-author of over 30 inspiration and empowerment books, Licensed Psychotherapist, Business and Life-Career Coach, Professional Speaker and Workshop Presenter.
After 23 years in private practice empowering women, business owners and self starters, parents, teens, families and individuals as a mental health professional and Coach, I’ve seen and heard it all, Life has it’s many challenges that can cripple us everyday. I have also had the joy of seeing all my clients leave with a sense of relief and clarity.

My Story
born and raised in Zimbabwe, the first born of seven children. Being the first born has its toll, and expectations which were the fuel behind my go getter, driven nature. I constantly was told “ you are the leader, do well and all your siblings will do well. “ I always felt like the weight of the world was on me and I had to do well in everything so that I could be an example to my siblings.

What a heavy burden that is for a young girl let alone any adult, to feel responsible for the demise of six other individual personalities and lives. My father’s choice to marry two other wives after my mother brought so much turmoil and it’s own struggles, I had to leave Zimbabwe for the USA in 1985.
The struggles and lessons is what prompted me to write the best seller book and create this self paced training to share with you how to overcome your own struggles and inner pain, and build the confidence to live your life freely.

Here is what others are saying about DrStem's Training

DrStem taught me how to choose my own directions and grow as a person for unlimited happiness. I discovered the need to set goals, achieve them and celebrate.

Since taking her courses and receiving coaching sessions, I have gone back to doing what I love " working fo rmyself" meeting new people, contacting old friends. It has also helped me strengthen relationships with my family. This is just the start of the new me.

Monique Mays

I called DrStem for coaching to make my life happier and to improve my personality and confidence. I was starting to feel down and this affected my personal life and my work. It was really wonderful to speak to her and work on some of the deep insight homework she gave me. Going through her online courses was just as easy as working directly with her, she has the videos, audios and worksheets which were very helpful. I enjoyed myself and now love the renewed me who is fearless and doing my thing.

Rayven K. Boston MA

Being a woman in my late 50’s my struggle was how I take the next step in my life after retirement. DrStem has taught me to trust my inner compass. That the answers are within me if I just sit & listen. She will always tell me the truth & what is needed to be heard. Her perspective on things is a blessing. I would recommend her services to anyone who asks me.. I got what I expected to be done. It has made my life much better to the degree of changing my perception about how to live happily and successfully.

I can do a lot of things after coaching which I couldn’t do before such as, how to use my positive energy to overcome any stress through meditation and some relaxation techniques as well creating achievable exciting life goals.


Margie M. UK 

The program has 8 life changing modules created to:

  • Begin to clarify what you want and assess where you are today, your gaps and real challenges become clearer.
  • Begin to Look at look at your limiting beliefs and how they may be holding you back from taking action 
  • Take a Realistic look at what would make the biggest difference in your life in the short term, say, in the next twelve months
  • Reflect on what can you change within yourself or about yourself that’s completely under your influence
  • Figure out what can you change and learn that can help you take a small step toward creating the life your soul desires?
  • Learn how to finally map out what changes you want to effect in your career or business within the next year
  • Finaly decide what you can begin to do, or stop doing, or continue doing with respect to the other areas in your life—your family and friends, your romantic relationships, fun and recreation, your health and wellness, your personal growth and spirituality, and your physical environment

Here is what you get inside

  • Becoming Unstoppable, Free and Fearless Program, Comprehensive workbook with tips and Questions Covering all 8  modules plus bonus tips
  • 8 audio files with tips and life lessons


  • 8 audio files with tips and life lessons
  • Free eBook On 56 Ways to Becoming Unstoppable Free and Fearless
  • Free eBook - 10 Keys to Success


  • Free eBook - Developing a Success Mindset

As a BONUS You also get:

2 FREE 30 Minutes Telephoninc Coaching Sessions with DrStem ($750 Value)
FREE Unstoppable - Living a Free and Fearless Life eBook
You can get all of this for a one time payment of $297 
Try my program for 7 days and If you’re not entirely satisfied with the
content and the product, reach out to me and I will fully refund
you the money you paid for the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, You will have instant access to all modules the moment you purchase the program.

The whole program goes for just over 6 -8 hours, but it's best to set aside an hour for each module to get the most out each section. 

Also remember this is self -paced so you get to pace yourself and set the time you want to finish.

Yes! Once you purchase the program, you have full lifetime access to the program. You may watch and download at any time.

You will have 30 days from the date of purchase to use your 2 FREE 30 minute Calls with Dr Stem.

Get instant access to "Becoming Unstoppable Free and Fearless " Program Today

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