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Boosting Your Confidence is a Game Changer




Have you ever wanted to..…

Learn how to manage your levels of stress, anxiety, anger and depression?

Enjoy better relationships with your partner, family, friends and colleagues?

Have higher self-esteem and confidence and achieve more in your life?

Learn the ins and outs of running a successful business?

Improve and manage your emotions and moods, and find peace of mind?

Be a calmer, happier and more positive person?

Be able to stop sabotaging yourself and learn how to stop minimizing yourself or your talent and worthiness?

Learn how to improve communication in your relationship?

Learn to let go and forgive?



Let me also ask you

 Would you also like to get these ‘life-changing’ benefits from a straightforward, holistic, highly effective and yet inexpensive approach – one which saves you the time and expense of months or years of ongoing counseling & coaching? 


YES? That’s great… ‘The Empowerment Hub Premier Membership is for you!


In the Empowerment HUB you will have:

Unlimited access to life and career enhancing courses and programs

Unlimited access to empowering videos, audios

2 live workshops a month

Unlimited access to The DrStem Show Inspiring Podcasts with experts and professionals whose work is on enhancing lives and success

Unlimited access to one new course a month

Free Access to Our Facebook Private Group Live Q & A Once a Month

Unlimited access to Dr Stem’s E Books

Unlimited access to DrStem’s Audio Books


For ONLY $27/ Month

That’s less than the cost of one counseling therapy or coaching session!

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‘The Information in The Empowerment HUB Premier Membership is an effective way to improve your psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical health as well igniting the courage to live on – whilst you take your life to a whole new level!


You will enjoy watching empowering videos and mp3 audios covering topics like It’s Time to Shift, Overcoming Fear, Running a Successful Business the Ins and Outs, Understanding Relationships, Understanding Anxiety, Understanding Depression, Confidence-Understanding Yourself, Parenting Teens, and More 24/7

The programs and course modules are in the form of downloadable easy to read self-help worksheets, which you will work through at your own pace.

You can access as many resources, (including e-books, empowering podcasts) as you want to.

Monthly you can choose two workshops of your choice to attend live or watch exclusive previews.

Each workshop will give you knowledge, insight and the skills to make real and far-reaching changes to your life.


I have combined 20 plus years of my knowledge and expertise as a licensed mental health professional (psychotherapist), life-career coach, marriage therapist, parenting teens coach, business coach, speaker and trainer into these online self-help workshops, E-Books and  courses– to share information and skills I have shared with others for the duration of the time I was providing individual, families, couples and group services.

Never Been To Counseling ..Not To Worry!


There’s a whole lot of help available to you – for only $27* per month where you will have unlimited resources and information  to help you cope with life, career and business challenges.


A lot of value for far lass than one counseling session.


Dr Stem is extremely professional and  unequivocally one of the best therapist and presenters I have encountered.  I recently attended a webinar that she presented and although this presentation was for a very large group, it is quite evident that she has the unique ability to make one feel as if she is speaking directly to them.  My first hand experience with Dr. Stem has proven that she is prompt, responsive and cares greatly for her clients.  In addition, the eloquence of her voice draws you into her every word.  Therefore, without any hesitation, I would highly recommend Dr. Stem. 

Volitta Jones


If you are looking for someone to inspire your women and youth, Dr. Stem Mahlatini is that person. Her work is from the heart and has the capacity to change the direction of the lives of those she touches.  Her work and approach challenges you to see yourself not as you are, but as you can be.

Jolyn LaClark


Dr. Stem Mahlatini is a very active social leader who has a very broad knowledge of the personal coaching and consulting. Stem also has a lot of practical experience and intuition into personal motivation talk and communicates particularly well and is able to tailor the level of her message and coaching to any audience.

Sam Donovan

Here are some of the programs and workshop titles you will see in The Empowerment Hub and more…

✅ Managing mental & emotional exhaustion

✅ Running a successful business, the ins & outs

✅ Overcoming your fears from doubter to doer

✅ Down But Not Out

✅ After the break up- who can I save next? 

✅ Women and stress – a focus on self-care

Profits are better than wages



July 2020


One of my best programs because helping others discover and live their passion is my own passion. This program explores ways to discover and express your unique gifts and interests. You will learn how your thoughts have become your beliefs and how these beliefs have become your reality. Yes you will get answers to: “How do we manifest our dreams and desires?” “How are we liberated from our fears?”

August 2020


      Valuable program for everyone who is stuck in blame. It provides inspiration, skills and techniques to help you instill profound change and courage to shift out of resentment, blame and victim mentality to empowerment and personal responsibility. 

Sept 2020


Every woman longs for loving relationships, but too often, we are unaware of how we are sabotaging connection with those closest to us. Our own insecurities are our worst enemy and are demonstrated through controlling behaviors, expectations, irrational thinking, addictions, jealousy, fear of conflict, clinging or withdrawal. This program is a revelation and step towards resolution to feel restored and to explore your strengths and passion.

 October 2020

Unshakable Confidence – Face Life’s Challenges With Greater Confidence and Ease

Most people yearn to Live their life Free From Needing Other People's Approval, Overcome Social Anxiety & Build Strong Social Confidence. And Develop Unshakable Confidence & Genuine Self Esteem that Lasts. This program is filled with practical tools to help become unshakable and free to live your life your way.

 November  2020


Our moods can be severely affected by something someone just said to us and during covid19, it is very easy to lose it with very little triggers. Sometimes we hurt people we love by the things we say. Misunderstandings and resentments can build in the home and/or the workplace by a just a few words. This program not only identifies methods to improve communication, but more importantly, explores saner ways to receive the words or actions of others. 

December  2020

MY STRENGTH- MY LIFE : The Power of Thought

Learn to empower yourself by focusing on your own strengths instead of trying to rescue or change others. Become more conscious of irrational thinking how that can create a paranoid perspective. Explore the power of thought and learn to uncover lies you have come to believe about yourself. Discuss ways to set your creative soul free from destructive thought patterns so that you can begin to live more abundantly.


Women Empowerment E-Books

✅ E book unstoppable a woman’s guide to self -confidence

✅ Build confidence achieve success

✅ The blessing of being a woman

✅ The power of prayer

✅ Profits are better than wages

✅ 50 – a celebration of life lessons

✅ Fear be gone – overcoming self sabotage

✅ Fear be gone workbook


 Women Audio Books

✅ Finding your true self audio book

✅ The power of prayer and belief audio book

✅ Its time to shift audio book


Parent - Teens E-Books

✅ Teen boys Q & A - dealing with love-life, mental health, and more

✅ Teen girls Q & A - dealing with love-life, mental health, and more

✅ Surviving College life -a guide for every college student offer

✅ 365 Daily success & motivation doses for teens

✅  47½ things teens need to know about getting along with their parents

✅  CDC- Courage Determination Confidence- A Teen handbook to socially acceptable life skills


2 Free Monthly Webinars

We Cover Life Success Topics Like: 

✅ Managing day to day stress

✅ Understanding and Managing Fear

✅ Understanding and Managing Anxiety

✅ Understanding and Managing Depression

✅ Understanding and Managing Trauma

✅ Understanding and Managing Self Sabotage

✅ Understanding and Managing Fear of Success

✅ Overcoming Cheating and Hurt in Relationships

✅ Overcoming Breakup and Hurt

✅ Boosting your self-esteem and self-confidence

✅  Being Single and


Free (Private Group) Q & A Participation

✅ Join us for a monthly open Q  & A session

✅ Send in your questions in advance

✅ Send in your questions during the live


Are You Ready to Be Free & Fearless?

Join the Empowerment Academy Premier Membership Today and Enjoy all Programs at the Low Premier Price of $27

JOINING NOW Guarantees you a lifetime membership of ONLY $27 a month

Please NOTE that all programs provided by DrStem in the Empowerment Academy, Books, Courses, Webinars and Seminars are for informational and education purposes only and not to be taken as therapy or counseling. Everyone is encouraged to seek counseling as needed. Be Encouraged

(Please Note: For All New Subscribers beginning Jan 2021, Prices will go up to ($97 a month)

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