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“I believe we all have the potential to expand, grow, and transform our mind and our life“ 


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 ..  addressing stressful issues that arise in everyday life, both at work and at home

.. providing easy access to videos, audios on how to manage stress, anxiety, anger, relationships depression, and more

 .. providing unlimited confidential access to programs that will help promote better connection and relationships

.. addressing ways to boost self-confidence and self-esteem and ways to achieve more in life

 .. addressing ways to monetize you passions and self-owned business

 .. provide practical coping tips to help manage emotions 

 .. Provide Unlimited access to empowerment eBooks and audio programs


The Empowerment Academy Premier Programs and Self-Care workshops are here to bring you more calm, joy and fulfilment into your life



All our life-changing programs are created with A Focus on You, Your  Strength and Fulfilling Your Life.

The Empowerment Academy Premier Membership is for you if You are:

✳️  Excited about exploring Possibilities?

✳️  Excited about changing or advancing in your career path? 

✳️  Excited about finding what new ways you can increase your finances?


As a Premier Member you will enjoy:


Unlimited access to personal, life and career enhancing courses and programs

Unlimited access to empowering videos, audios and download pdf's.

  Attend Free Self-Care, Success  workshops every  month 

 Eanjoy One New  additional Course Monthly

Free Access to Our Facebook Private Group Live Q & A Once a Month

Unlimited access to our Empowerment eBooks

Unlimited access to  our Empowerment Audio Books

 Member Discount Coaching and Counseling Sessions 


You Get Lifetime Access For ONLY $49 per Month 

Your Price will not change if you take advantage of this low cost today.

That’s less than the cost of one counseling therapy or coaching session!  ($155 a session and up)





Thriving through the ongoing pandemic

Is thriving even possible in the midst of this period of adversity, when life has been so disrupted by a persistent and mighty virus?


✅ We have no choice except Look and Plan ahead

✅ The times are calling for us to Evolve and Adapt

✅ This is a good time to be laser- focused on identifying or re-evaluating your priorities for the year and making progress towards those goals.

✅ There are many options open to creating a future that will sustain you and help you thrive 

✅ Our Self-Care & Success Workshops address Step by Step Action plans to help you get clear on what you want and how you can get there.

✅ Access Guides and Workbooks with detailed steps. 



  I greatly appreciate the opportunity to have access to so many courses (video, audio and download pdfs) that are so relevant to my day-to-day practice and struggles.  The information provided is current and practical which helped me understand how to deal with my stress and struggles at home and work.

Mary Jane Hubbs

✅  I joined the academy in June right when the pandemic started, and have found the information very informative. I find myself sitting and watching the videos as if DrStem is talking to me in person which is great. I have also found my Membership to be extremely useful, relevant and cost effective. There are such a large variety of topics covered in the courses and ebooks that whatever I need I can always find a suitable course, or contact DrStem for a session.

Marylyn Gibbs

✅ I am very pleased with your online courses, workshops and ebooks. i find it a convenient way to: a) learn more, b) almost feel like I am getting coaching or counsleing in a box and c) feels great to not have the added expense of travel or wondering how to make time for counsleing or coaching. I am learning something new on how to better manage my emotions every day. I also enjoy how motivating your programs are as I am also looking at other ways of fulfling my purpose and passion. 

Richard G. 

Here are some of the programs, webinars and free ebooks you will see in The Empowerment Hub and more…

✅ Women and Stress 

✅ Coaching Business Starter Kit, forms, manuals on attracting clients, starting a blog, creating a virtual practice and more. 

✅  Women Empowerment, Parents and Teens eBooks

✅ Managing mental & emotional exhaustion

✅ Balancing work and Family

✅ 7 Steps to Calm Anxiety and a Worried Mind

✅ Managing Holiday Stress and Grief

✅ Coping with anxiety and stress 

✅ Coping with Change 

✅ Overcoming fear- from doubter to doer

✅ Profits are better than wages 

✅ Fear be Gone overcoming self sabotage 

✅ Unstoppable - A woman's guide to self confidence 

✅ Finding your true self audio book 

✅ It's Time To shift Course 

And More 

Enjoy The All Access Unlimited Access to All of These Programs with Your Membership Enrollment


JOINING NOW Guarantees you a lifetime membership of ONLY $49 a month


Please NOTE that all programs provided by DrStem and Associates in the Empowerment Academy, Books, Courses, Webinars and Seminars are for informational and education purposes only and not to be taken as therapy or counseling. Everyone is encouraged to seek counseling as needed. Be Encouraged

(Please Note: For All New Subscribers beginning Jan 2021, Prices will go up to ($49 a month)

Attend Free Self-Care Virtual Workshops Monthly with Membership 

Hello I’m DrStem and I’m so glad you’re here

I’m a Licensed Psychotherapist, Life, Career and Business Coach, and a Mindfulness and Emotional Wellbeing Coach joyfully helping others on the path to a more meaningful and mindful life. Empowerment and Mindfulness Counseling, Coaching and Training have been a part of my life for over 20 years. They have had a profound and long-lasting effect on who I am and the way I choose to live.

For years, I explored countless ways to help clients and myself tame self -sabotage, anxiety, feel calmer, and approach the challenges of everyday life with more confidence. Nothing transformed my life to the huge extent that mindfulness and empowerment coaching, trainings, workshops mindfulness did.

As I learned how much the mindfulness and empowerment services, individual groups and workshops the services have helped many over the 20 years including myself I felt excited to build the empowerment academy as a candy store of personal and professional growth.

Creating the courses, programs and writing more eBooks for the academy  has been like opening a secret door to a calmer, more resilient and happier version of who I am, a sign that everyone who will become a member of the Empowerment Academy will experience the same and more. . I am so excited about the lives these programs will impact and change.

This door is open to you too…

“Just like stillness can be found in the shallow depths under crashing waves, you can find serenity within your heart and core when the waves of life wash over you,“ 


Not satisfied with all the self-care trainings, teachings, digital programs, and ebooks? I'm so confident that you will find what you need, that you will get a full refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied.