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Guide to Managing Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Guide to Managing Anxiety and Panic Attacks EBook and Audio

Practical Self-Care Tips to Easily Manage and Cope with Anxiety and Panic Attacks

The Corona Virus pandemic has made many people more anxious, and experiencing panic attacks. For many the threat of deadly infection and the drastic changes to everyday life may be triggering panic attacks. 

As a mental health professional, I have seen a drastic rise in referrals and people calling for anxiety and panic attack treatment. Many are unable to secure apporintments as practices are filling up quicker than before, creating longer waiting lists.

In the interim, people are seeking quick practical tips to cope and manage anxiety and panic attacks. If you are seeking relief or additional resources and tips..

  • This eBook is For You.

In this eBook we talk about:

✅ How does one get panic attacks, causes and symptoms 

✅ What is the difference between anxiety and panic attacks

✅  Causes of anxiety attacks 

✅ Tips To Break Free from the effects of Anxiety and Panic attacks

✅ Seeking Professional Help - signs and symptoms of when to seek professional assistance.

BONUS : 7 Steps to Calm A Worrried Mind and Ease Anxiety Audio 

Disclaimer: Please Note that this is an informational guide only and not treatment for mental or emotional health.