$59.00 USD


From Idea to Revenue - Passion to Profit

The workshop titled "From Idea to Revenue- Passion to Profit : A Path to Clarity, Profit, and Passive Income" is designed to guide participants through the process of transforming their ideas into successful revenue-generating ventures.

During this replay you will learn how to:

1. Develop a clear and actionable plan for turning their ideas into profitable products or services.
2. Identify strategies for maximizing profits and creating passive income streams.
3. Understand the key steps involved in building a sustainable business model.
4. Learn how to effectively market and sell your product (s) or services to generate revenue.

There are two easy to follow workbooks and a checklist that come with this course.  They will be helpful to you as you navigate your passion and how to monetize it from passion to profit, from idea to revenue. 

DISCLAIMER: All workshops are designed for educational and informational purposes only and can not take the place of medical or mental health treatment.