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The Power of having and setting Goals

The Power of having and setting Goals

The process of mapping out your life, career, and business dreams.

Do you ever get the feeling that you don’t get time to work on your goals? Or you feel overwhelmed and caught up in the daily routine of life that never accommodates for your goals? Ever wondered why successful people out there always seem to achieve whatever they put their mind to.

This eBook is designed to specifically to address all those concerns. It is a step by step practical guide that not only helps you identify what you want out of life, but teaches you a practical approach on how to do it through a comprehensive goal setting process.

 In this eBook we talk about:

✅ Goal Setting for the 7 Key Areas of Life

✅Setting Goals For Each Role in Your life

✅  Setting your Yearly, monthly, weekly, daily Goals

✅ Steps to achieving your goals

✅ How to Stick To Your Goals

Disclaimer: This is an informational guide only and not treatment for mental or emotional health.