$59.00 USD

REPLAY Women and Anxiety


Anxiety is a common mental health issue that affects many individuals, with women being more likely to experience anxiety disorders compared to men. This workshop is specifically designed to empower women by providing a safe space to understand, manage, and overcome anxiety.

In this workshop you will learn and explore the different types of anxiety disorders, common triggers, and symptoms unique to women.

You will also learn 

the following key aspects

1. Learn about the unique factors that contribute to anxiety in women, including societal expectations, hormonal influences, and personal experiences.

2. Recognize common symptoms of anxiety in women, such as racing thoughts, physical manifestations, and emotional responses, to facilitate early intervention.

3. Explore a range of treatment options tailored to women, including therapy, medication, lifestyle changes, and self-care practices, to help manage and alleviate anxiety symptoms effectively.

4. Gain insights into building resilience and developing practical coping strategies to navigate anxiety triggers, enhance mental well-being, and promote a healthier lifestyle. 

The workshops aim to empower all who attend to create and live healthier,  wealthier, happier, stress less lives.

All workshops are designed for educational and informational purposes only and can not take the place of medical or mental health treatment.