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If you're here, it means you're ready to create a life that is free and fearless accelerated by your confidence, not limited by your lack of it. 

If you're here, it means you're ready to create a life that is free and fearless accelerated by your clarity, courage, and confidence, not limited by your lack of it.

I'M Dr Stem. Dr. Stem (Sithembile Mahlatini, EDD, LCSW) the President & Founder of Global Training, Coaching & Consulting Services, Inc, Orlando FL and The Empowerment Academy for Women.


For years I sought certification after certification to get as much knowledge as I could to help myself and others become Clear of what I wanted to do that was fun, paying good and helping others become Clear, Courageous and Confident to follow their passion and purpose as well. 

I had no idea it would be a 20 plus year journey. After all those many years of struggling with finding my own Clarity I stopped fighting, became still, and learned everything I needed to learn, allowing the process to come together as it now FINALLY has.

I am so excited to be in this place. I have learned a lot that now allows me to joyfully and easily help other Women Find their Clarity, Courage and Confidence to follow their heart and live a free and fearless life.

I get so excited when I see Women, I have worked with Conducting their Own Seminars, workshops, Conferences, getting promoted in their jobs, earning way more money than they ever dreamt of, falling in love and getting married, Boosting their Confidence and Achieving More and More Massive Success in Life, Work and Business.

I am excited that you are here on this page because it is time to Get Clear and Confident about who you are, what you are passionate about and what you want to do with this ONE LIFE you have.

In the Academy we provide you with Individual Coaching, Self-Care Workshops, Conference, Seminars, audio, video programs which will help you become Clear and Excited about what is possible for you. Yes, For You. 

I would love to do a Consult call or video call with you to assess where you are and what your needs are.



My mission is to help you learn to practice self-love, reclaim your confidence and accept your inborn strength, body! 

Through my 1:1 coaching, we will gain clarity around your strengths and weaknesses so that we can take action towards your goals. 

I will hold you accountable as we work towards becoming the most confident stress free version of yourself.


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Life is More Fun when you Work and Walk with someone. “I’m dedicated to working directly with women who aspire to be more and achieve more. Making women build more confidence and get clear on  what they want in life, work and business is my passion”.
 Dr. Stem —
“With the current rise in stress, fear, anxiety, divorces, breakups, loss of jobs and personal mental emotional challenges, my mission is to do everything I can to help provide information, support to help getting through the tough days easier. I will provide channels of support throughout the ups and downs of your life season.”
— Dr. Stem —



The Empowerment Academy Membership is an Unlimited All Access opportunity to enjoy audio, video, pdf downloads, eBooks, Free Self Care Workshop Attendance, Free Group Coaching Opportunities, and a brand new program each month.

The academy is a personal and professinal development haven for those women who want to be free from the invisible prison of self-doubt, however it shows up in their lives. It's packed with in-depth, practical training and resources on all aspects of confidence, stress management, finding true passion and purpose, achievement and joyfully living out one's purpose.


Virtual Confidence Coaching

Are you ready to live with more confidence, courage, and clarity? Ready to quiet the self-doubt and inner critical voice? Ready to feel alive, beautiful, and capable of stepping into your greatest purpose?


If You Answered "Yes," Then You Are Ready To


Accelerate your personal confidence growth with private coaching from anywhere in the world. This is the best way and fastest way to activate change in your life. Sessions are done via video or telephone and include workbook for your session notes and action items to help hold you accountable to growth in between sessions.


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